Designer Music

Robyn is back with this new single!!!!! And I’m in love! Definitely one of my fav artist to inspire the creative!


Drinks x Design Capsule Collection

It's gonna be an all nighter... putting finishing touches on this capsule collection for presentation March 9, 2017 for monthly Drinks x Design event in partnership with the Detroit Creative Corrider Center (DC3) 


So much work to be done.... Need the magical sewing ferries to appear....  

Late Bloomer - Spring 2015

My first collection started with a lot of ideas that I didn't see fully realized because of a lot of variables. As a creative you put so much of yourself into your work to have it judged. Most of the time you find that you are your own worst critic. Getting beyond that can be difficult, but at the end of the day you have to release it into the universe. My first collection taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of creating. There is a fight and determination that I know guides me. Focusing that fight into laser sharp focus and harnessing the frustration, the fear, the doubt and all the insecurities I hope will push me to the next level. So right here and now I'm embarking on the next collection. As they say better late than never!

The Making of a Jacket Part Deux

In my previous post I showed the drape of the jacket. The pattern was adjusted for fit and now ready to be created in final fashion fabric. The fabric I've chosen for this design is a medium weight Wool Pebble Crepe in Navy Blue.  It's funny that navy blue has become a big part of the collection. You see I was a catholic school kid. I wore navy blue and white school uniforms. When it was time for me to go to high school, I begged my mom to let me go to public school.  Wanted to be done with uniforms and express my personal style. But somehow when creating this collection Navy and White just seemed so right. Of course these are not the only colors, stick with me and see the collection progress! 

Cut Ticket

Cut Ticket

So the jacket pieces are cut and fused... Now the construction begins...


Pieces of the Jacket


My Hometown - Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is a magical place in so many ways. It's a town built on hard work and determination. It inspires and rejuvenates my spirit whenever I visit. Time to plan a trip home!